WSBC Agreement Summary

Cost Center Line Items Cost to RSHA
Facility Rental $0.00
Power / Lights $0.00
Water / Sewer $0.00
Internet / WiFi $0.00
Paper Products / Supply Replenishment $0.00
Totals $0.00

Our agreement with WSBC Covers the following points

RSHA Responsibilities:

  • Establish secure environment
  • Provide safety team personnel during operational hours
  • Designate specific entry/exit during academic hours
  • Keep all doors locked; no propping open

Student Supervision:

  • Ensure proper student supervision
  • Limit students to designated areas
  • Supervise playground use for children under 12
  • Proper playground equipment use
  • No climbing fences
  • Return toys inside after use
  • Dispose of playground trash properly
  • No running or recreation inside building
  • No using WSBC property without permission

Classroom and Building Usage:

  • Proper use and tidiness of classrooms
  • Return furniture to original position if moved
  • No food preparation or eating in classrooms
  • Dispose of trash properly

Kitchen and Eating Areas:

  • Keep kitchen clean; wash and store dishes
  • Clean sinks after use
  • Wash and return dish cloths/towels
  • No leaving food/materials in refrigerator
  • Use designated eating areas
  • Dispose of trash properly


  • Use only designated bathrooms
  • Flush toilets and dispose of trash properly
  • RSHA to clean up if bathrooms misused

Equipment and Damage:

  • No damaging or altering WSBC equipment
  • No using WSBC equipment without permission
  • Report broken/damaged items to RSHA director
  • RSHA to pay restitution for damages

Building Usage and RSHA:

  • Limited to regular academic instruction
  • Other usage by written request and Elder approval
  • Parents of RSHA students to use designated spaces
  • Designated RSHA spaces approved by Ministry Support Manager

Insurance and Liability:

  • RSHA to provide insurance proof and schedule
  • RSHA to sign waiver and release of liability form
  • RSHA parents/guardians to sign waiver
  • Ministry Support Manager as RSHA liaison

Address any questions regarding West Salem Baptist to Ministry Support Manager. WSBC can add addendums if necessary

(540) 541-8226

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