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Welcome to Roanoke-Salem Homeschool Academy's student registration page! We offer an affordable, high-quality homeschooling education for students of all ages. Our homeschooling community provides a flexible and supportive learning environment that fosters academic and social development.

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Class Cost Breakdown*

We have various levels of courses: Basic courses ($17/month), Advanced courses ($22/month), and AP/Honors courses (starting at $26/month). Each of these varieties have a different cost per class. Below is an example of our Basic Course level.


Per Student
Per Class
Per Month


Administrative Cost
Per Student
Per Class
Per Month




Paid to Instructor
Per Student
Per Class
Per Month




Course prices and breakdown may vary.

** Some courses may cost more than others due to various factors such as course level, honors or AP designation, and the materials required for the class. Students and parents should be aware that these factors can affect the cost of a course and plan accordingly. Courses are divided over 8 monthly installments and cover up to 30 classes of instruction. Course costs must be paid up front before the month begins. First payment must include the first month's course payment plus 1 month deposit per class. Class transfer fees may apply after initial drop period.

Additionally, half-day courses may cost more than single-period courses due to the need for specialized instruction and resources within a shorter time frame. Teachers must plan and prepare for each class to ensure that students receive quality instruction and achieve their learning objectives in a shorter amount of time. As a result, half-day courses may require additional resources and teacher support, which can increase the cost of the course.

It is important for students and parents to carefully review course descriptions and associated costs before enrolling in any course, and to reach out to the school or program for clarification on any questions or concerns.

Registration & Other Fees

  • Student 1: $60
  • Student 2: $30
  • Student 3: $30
  • Student 4: $30
  • Max Registration: $150*
  • *Families with 4+ students will only pay a $150 maximum registration fee
  • Cleaning Fee: $55 per family unit.
  • This fee will be broken out to pay the custodian ($150/month) and a few cleaning supplies for the co-op (~$20-30/mo) with the remainder being given to WSBC to offset additional supplementary cleaning and event services.


Registration Fees Required:

Seats in classes may fill quickly. Registration fees must be paid BEFORE course selections will be applied to any students' schedules.

Meeting at West Salem Baptist


500 Turner Rd
Salem, VA 24153

Church Phone:

(540) 389-2129