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Steps to Homeschooling Success in Virginia

Steps to Homeschooling Success in Virginia

Embarking on the homeschooling journey in Virginia requires a clear understanding of the state's homeschooling laws and regulations. From knowing the various statutes available for homeschooling to submitting the necessary notices and documents, navigating the legal framework is paramount for homeschooling families. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the essential steps, from understanding the applicable laws to selecting curriculum, documenting progress, fostering community connections, and joining key associations for support and resources.

  1. Gain an Understanding of Applicable Virginia Homeschooling Law:

    Know your rights and options under Virginia's homeschooling laws:

  2. Submit Notice of Intent:

    Fill out the Notice of Intent form or submit a letter demonstrating compliance with the law. Provide necessary documents or evidence as per the chosen option.

  3. Curriculum:

    Prepare a curriculum or method of study, considering educational philosophies and your child's learning style.

    As homeschool parents, we are looking to make educational decisions to facilitate our student's learning needs. Use any curriculum where your student is making progress. At any point the curriculum seems to not be helpful, switch curriculum. Home education is highly customizable to meet the student where they are.

  4. Start Coordinating Your Student's Instruction:

    Begin homeschooling upon submission of the notice. Keep documentation for compliance. You can teach the subjects yourself, employ a tutor, or collaborate with other parents in co-ops and your community.

  5. Proof of Progress:

    Submit proof of progress by August 1 of the following year, either through standardized testing or a narrative evaluation from a qualified evaluator with a Masters Degree.

    If you need help with how to submit a narrative evaluation, call us at your convenience and we can schedule a time to walk you through this option.

  6. Community Connection:

    Our co-op is a great resource to build your connections within the community. We have lots of families who are highly involved and further connections in the community with events and support. Be sure to connect with us and the rest of the homeschooling communities through social media groups, local support groups, and field trips.

    Enroll Today and begin building your network connections in the Greater Roanoke Valley Homeschool area

  7. Associations to Join:
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